Shipping information – what to watch out for


Recently we have quite a lot of shipments to our customers 🙂 Sometimes there are small accidents regarding the acceptance of damaged fireplaces. We would like to make you aware of what to do when accepting parcels from couriers, which is best to pay attention to.
We used various courier companies and something always happened everywhere, so unfortunately, none of us have any influence on such accidents.
Let’s start with parcel couriers, i.e. we currently use InPost. When a courier arrives, he will place the package, it must be carefully inspected before accepting it. If there are tears, dents, holes on the cardboard, you need to check if the fireplace is complete. It is known that couriers are always in a hurry, but you have the right to open this package and see what it looks like inside if there is external damage. If the fireplace is damaged, do not accept this shipment, just contact us 🙂 We send another fireplace to you and handle the complaint with the courier company. If there was a situation where you accepted the shipment and after unpacking it turned out that the fireplace is damaged, unfortunately we are not able to settle anything with the couriers. Accepting the package means that it is intact. Of course, we never leave our clients behind and we always act so that both parties are satisfied. Please remember that you always have the right to look at this package.

As for pallet couriers, our fireplaces that come out on pallets are very well protected. We never ship composite fireplaces. During delivery, you receive a package with a housing on a pallet and a second package with an electric insert. Here you also have the right to check the condition of the cartons and also see if everything is complete.

We would also like to point out that we will never leave you with a damaged fireplace 🙂 If anything happens, just call us 🙂

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