The bestseller is back – GENIUS 2D and 3D


The long-awaited and longed-for BESTSELLER has returned to our store!

Genius fireplace now available This time in two versions 🙂

LED stone electric fireplace Genius 2D and 3D, it is a unique fireplace that looks amazing in any interior and gives it atmosphere. Its enclosure is made of stone veneer, the colors of which are carefully selected to look as if they were hand-arranged by a professional stonemason. The wooden top and bottom are rustically finished in a coffee color and blend in perfectly with its unique stone look.
This fireplace does not have large dimensions, so it will fit into even the most demanding apartment.

The electric insert, which is an inseparable element of the fireplace, is a classic LED 60 3D.

  1. 5 flame colors (orange, yellow, yellow-orange, purple, blue), 5 flame brightness 5 flame speeds
  2. Realistic and energy-saving 3D flame in LED technology
  3. Heating function using the Infrared technology
  4. 2 heating power levels 1800-2000 W
  5. Temperature control in the range from 18 to 30 ° C
  6. Remote control
  7. Open window sensor
  8. Overheating protection
  9. Flame independent of the heating function

The electric insert, which is an inseparable element of the fireplace, is a classic LED 60.

1) 3 flame colors (yellow, orange, yellow – orange), 5 flame brightness
2) Realistic and energy-saving flame in LED technology
3) 2 levels of heating power: 900W / 1800W
4) Temperature control from 10 to 30 ° C
5) Remote control
6) Window sensor
7) Overheating protection
8) Flame independent of the heating function


Frame: width: 103.5, height: 100, depth: 31.5 cm

You can find more about fireplaces here:

A novelty among stone fireplaces – Stones 2D

Today I would like to introduce you to a complete novelty among electric stone fireplaces

On the site recently I noticed a beautiful stone fireplace.

He delighted me with his strict appearance. In my opinion, the fireplace is a very nice smaller replacement for the iconic Genius fireplace, unavailable at the moment.

We are talking about the Stones 2D fireplace

Its housing is made of stone veneers, the colors of which are carefully selected. The fireplace looks like it was arranged by hand by a professional stonemason. The wooden top and bottom are rustic, coffee-colored and blend in perfectly with its unique stone look

The dimensions of the fireplace are not large, so it will be perfect for any home or apartment, giving it a unique look.

The dimensions of the fireplace are:

height: 100cm, width: 90cm, depth: 31.5cm

In the Stones 2D fireplace we find the LED 50 Classic insert:

  1. Realistic and energy-saving flame in the following colors: orange, yellow and orange-yellow, 5 brightness of the flame, 5 brightness of the firebox
  2. Open window sensor
  3. 2 heating power levels: 900/1800 W
  4. Heating function with temperature control from 18 to 27 ° C
  5. Remote control

More information about the Stones fireplace can be found here:
Stones 2D electric fireplace

What do you gain from electric fireplaces?


Today we would like to introduce you to some of the most important advantages of eclectic fireplaces.

If you are wondering whether it is worth buying such a fireplace, take a look below and see for yourself:

• Steer without getting up from the couch
• Heat the room quickly and comfortably
• Forget about controlling the working time of the fireplace, set it and forget it
• Forget airing the room!
• Use it whenever you want, even on hot days
• No more buying wood
• No more cleaning the glass
• No more perpetual ashes
• No more worrying about burns and spreading fire
• Say yes to ecology
• Low electricity bills
• Two levels of heating power

And additionally:
• Comfort and convenience
• Use all year round
• Ease of use
• Safety for yourself and your loved ones
• Economical use
• Efficient heating

More information about what you get with an electric fireplace can be found here:
What do you get

LED electric fireplace Cortez Aflamo – free-standing fireplace

The Cortez model is one of the electric fireplaces that belong to the family of free-standing LED electric fireplaces. Its main advantage is that it can be placed anywhere.
The size of the fireplace is:

width: 56 cm
height: 52 cm
depth: 22 cm

It has a black steel housing with a very realistic orange LED flame effect. Its efficient heating can heat up a room up to 40 m2. The ability to set the heating function of the heating power to a low or high level of 750W / 1600W

It is a great model of a fireplace for people who need to heat the room and at the same time enjoy the eye with a nice flame effect. The Cortez LED electric fireplace by Aflamo is very easy to use, it is controlled by a panel located by the fireplace. Perfect for home, restaurant, holiday home.

LED electric fireplace Milo / Vigo


In today’s article, we would like to introduce you to a fireplace that is the biggest hit in sales!
It is the most sold fireplace in our store 🙂

This model has a classic housing in a different color to choose from:
walnut, white, black, rustical oak, sonoma oak, concrete

The fireplace contains two inserts. One of them is a classic LED 60 insert with heating with a thermostat, and the other is a 23 “3D insert with heating with an infrared effect.
Additionally, you can change its modern or classic look a bit because the top is removable.

Walnut-colored Vigo (left) / Milo (right) fireplace

LED insert 60
Its clear effect introduces warmth and climate in every corner of the house and apartment.
The insert has many functions such as eight levels of flame brightness or an electronic LED function display.
An additional advantage is that it has a heating effect with a thermostat.
In cool autumn evenings or in winter frosts, you can start the heating function and set any
temperature from 10 to 30 degrees to warm our interior. This function will heat every room up to 43 square meters.

23 “3D insert
Its clear 3D effect introduces warmth and climate in every corner of the house and apartment.
The cartridge has many additional functions, such as changing the color of the flame, flame brightness and speed, which will satisfy every demanding customer. An additional feature is that it has an infrared heating effect.
This is the latest heating technology! In cool autumn evenings or in winter frosts, you can turn on the heating function and set any temperature from 17 to 27 degrees to warm up our interior. This function will heat up any room up to 93 square meters.

For more fireplaces, please visit our website:

Electric insert 23 “Infrared infrared!


the latest electric insert with a 3D effect has recently appeared in our offer! It is the latest production of this type of inserts. These fireplaces have the effect of infrared heating, which gives lower power consumption, but greater fireplace efficiency 🙂
The flame in the cartridge is very realistic. It passes through a clearing which makes it look like a living fire! It has a remote control in the set, which has a panel for easier navigation on which all functions are displayed!

3D electric insert

More information can be found on our website about this fireplace you will find on our website:

Shipping information – what to watch out for


Recently we have quite a lot of shipments to our customers 🙂 Sometimes there are small accidents regarding the acceptance of damaged fireplaces. We would like to make you aware of what to do when accepting parcels from couriers, which is best to pay attention to.
We used various courier companies and something always happened everywhere, so unfortunately, none of us have any influence on such accidents.
Let’s start with parcel couriers, i.e. we currently use InPost. When a courier arrives, he will place the package, it must be carefully inspected before accepting it. If there are tears, dents, holes on the cardboard, you need to check if the fireplace is complete. It is known that couriers are always in a hurry, but you have the right to open this package and see what it looks like inside if there is external damage. If the fireplace is damaged, do not accept this shipment, just contact us 🙂 We send another fireplace to you and handle the complaint with the courier company. If there was a situation where you accepted the shipment and after unpacking it turned out that the fireplace is damaged, unfortunately we are not able to settle anything with the couriers. Accepting the package means that it is intact. Of course, we never leave our clients behind and we always act so that both parties are satisfied. Please remember that you always have the right to look at this package.

As for pallet couriers, our fireplaces that come out on pallets are very well protected. We never ship composite fireplaces. During delivery, you receive a package with a housing on a pallet and a second package with an electric insert. Here you also have the right to check the condition of the cartons and also see if everything is complete.

We would also like to point out that we will never leave you with a damaged fireplace 🙂 If anything happens, just call us 🙂